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GDP Growth Rate | Economy Power – India may overtake Germany in 2026 to become the world’s fourth-largest economy, Japan will lag behind in 2034

GDP Growth Rate | Economy Power – India could become the fourth-largest economy in the world, surpassing Germany in 2026. The latest report from the British Center for Economic and Commercial Research (CEBR) revealed it. The report also hoped that India would overtake Japan in 2034 and India would be the third-largest economy after China and the US. The CEBR also said that India’s GDP would reach $ 5 trillion by 2026. However, the Modi government has set 2024 for this goal.

India will become a $ 5 trillion economy in 2026, says UK-based CEBR report

The Modi government is preparing to reach this goal in 2024

India, Japan, and Germany will continue to fight for third place over the next 15 years

India becomes the fifth world economy behind France and the United Kingdom in 2019

The report entitled ” Table of the World Economic League 2020 ” indicates that India has become the fifth-largest economy in 2019, surpassing France and the United Kingdom (United Kingdom). According to this organization, India, Japan and Germany will fight to remain the third-largest economy in the next 15 years. However, given the current state of the economy, achieving this goal does not seem easy.

Recently, the former governor of the Reserve Bank, C Rangarajan, had declared, according to the current growth rate, that India would become an economy of 5 trillion dollars in 2024-25, which is not possible.

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